Code60 olive oil

Production C60
C60 is used in Code60 oil, which is produced and sublimated according to the most modern methods in a research lab.

Highest purity C60
During the sublimation process all solvents are removed from the C60. It is a costly process that requires 3 grams of C60 to obtain 1 gram of pure C60.
We stand for the highest quality Code60 olive oil and therefore use only sublimated C60 in the production of Code60 oil. Some producers save costs by using non-sublimated C60, which makes them cheaper to offer.

The production of Code60 oil.
In the production of Code60 oil the C60 is dissolved in extra virgin olive oil. This is followed by the bottling in a GMP specialist company, which runs according to the HACCP standard for foodstuffs. The HACCP standard guarantees quality and hygiene.

In order to guarantee that the quality of, and the C60 content is the highest, the Code60 oil is tested after each product run in an independent laboratory.

Composition Code60 olive oil
A 1 liter Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 800 mg C60 99.95% (sublimated C60 Buckminsterfullereen).