Antibacterial effect of C60

Anti bacterial effect
Anti bacterial effect

When the antibacterial activity of C60 was examined, it was determined that C60 showed a strong and broad-acting antibacterial activity.

There is obviously still a lot of research needed to create a complete view of the antibacterial effects of C60, but it is already clear that the growth of bacteria is considerably slowed down.

C60 is starting to show more and more interesting features. Scientists are currently working hard to get the full picture for the potential of C60 carbon. In order to achieve this however, further investigations will be necessary.

A study from 2016 describes the opportunities that C60 has in combating resistant bacteria. We quote: “The preliminary in vitro assays that 100 μg / L Fullerene C60 posses significant inhibitory activities and absence of drug resistance to this nanoparticle.” Source: