Antioxidative effects of C60

Summary of anti-oxidative effect
The anti-oxidative effect

To establish the safety of C60 for living organisms, Professor Fathi Moussa and Tarek Baati (University of Paris, published April 2012)  conducted an extensive trial with rats. An increasing dose of C60 was administered to detect the lethal quantity. But instead of finding it, the research showed a completely different outcome.

For example, some rats lived twice as long but there was also another striking effect of C60.

The antioxidative effect of C60

Those who are seriously concerned with health, probably know that antioxidants contribute to good health.
First let’s establish what antioxidants actually are.
The word ‘antioxidant’ means ‘against oxidation’
Free radicals are created during the combustion process (oxidation) of humans and animals.
These are aggressive substances that can damage tissues and organs and in severe cases can disrupt cell division.
Antioxidants are able to neutralize these free radicals so that damage to the tissues can be prevented.

C60 has proved to be a very strong antioxidant. A product that effectively removes free radicals and other harmful substances, such as heavy metals, from the body.

Professor Moussa’s research shows that C60 can play an important role in the treatment of all diseases caused by oxidative stress, such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and other disorders that are caused by wear and tear.

To examine the properties of C60 on living creatures, 18 rats were divided into three equal groups during the study. A group received normal nutrition. In the second group, olive oil was added to the food and a third group was fed with normal food with extra C60 added in olive oil.

The exceptional result of this test was that the six rats of the C60 group lived on average 63% *) longer than the control group! Because C60 was the only difference with what the rest of the rats received, it clearly showed that the antioxidant effect of C60 significantly prolonged the life of the rats. What applies to rats may also apply to other living creatures!

This research has become the starting point for many new studies. Further research is now being done into other biomedical applications of C60. What we have heard so far is already very promising! C60 could well be a breakthrough in the fight against the aging process.

*) On YouTube and on many blogs, people speak of 90% longer life. These people have not bothered to read the corrected publication. The correction was necessary because the test started with rats that were already 10 months old and that was not counted in the values for the graph. Median 22 months vs median 42 months delivers 90% but 32 (22 + 10) vs 52 (42 + 10) delivers a hefty 63% lifetime extension. So not 90%, but many would be happy with 63% older.

Note: (Median, In the statistics, the median is the middle of a distribution or data collection, the median is a center measure.) The collection can be a concrete population or a sample, consisting of ordinal data, with middle being the middle element in the distribution. or the ordered collection.)