Antiviral activity of C60

Carbon compounds such as C60 have very interesting properties that can be used in various medical applications. For example, quite a lot of research has been done into the effects of C60 variants on the HIV virus. Experiments show that C60 has the ability to inhibit the HIV virus in rats. This discovery naturally opens the door to the development of new and possibly even more efficient HIV inhibitors than the inhibitors currently available.

The antiviral effect of C60 also appears in other areas. With regard to outbreaks of dangerous flu viruses such as the avian influenza virus, C60 can be very useful. Experimentally, it was determined that C60 has an inhibitory effect on the avian influenza virus. That is why C60 is definitely a candidate to develop new medicines against this virus from there. As soon as we receive more information in this area, we will also publish about it.