The anti-tumor effect of C60

The rat research of Prof. dr. Moussa consisted of 3 groups of Wilstar rats, 2 of which did not receive C60. These rats died within the expected period (median 32 months). Some of these animals died of cancer, which is a common cause of death in rats.

The result was surprising! The six rats that had been given C60 olive oil did not get cancer at all. They did not get sick at all! Even when these rats had received a heavy carcinogenic poison, they survived. C60 neutralized the harmful substances, which were eventually removed by the body! This showed that C60 has an important anti-tumor effect and can play an important role in the fight against cancer (cells). It goes without saying that this carbon 60 compound has a strong interest in cancer research.

In no way could it be established that the rats suffered negative consequences from the use of C60. The study showed that C60 disappeared from the rat body after tens of hours after it had been ingested.

The many tests that were performed after this first show further that, in addition to cancer research, C60 can play an important role in the treatment of all diseases caused by oxidative stress, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and many other conditions that arise as a result of wear and tear.